The Death hawaiian shirt

The Death hawaiian shirt


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John 3:16. Are you trying to put,more fear into everyone “. also getting the 2nd covid shot will also make u sicker than you have ever been, my blood pressure went up to 198/140 every bone in my body hurt every joint with arthritis swelled and ached, and this went on for 3 days, i was scared to death. so people beware, and over a week later my joints are still killing me and nothing I take is working. Thank God the at 65, I have full great health. Not on any meds and still very active and will remain so. Masked for life is my new motto and I will continue to wear one when others don’t. Vaccinated? Still on team NO for the foreseeable future.. should I lay down now and throw dirt on myself I have 3 of these complaints well good job I have had my 1st covid jab The Death hawaiian shirt

Product description: The Death hawaiian shirt

The Death hawaiian shirt

Olga IvanovThis is really good post. The health care workers, all of them and everywhere, must be treated with respect and kindness. Thank you the WHO.5 . Marilyn CasaubonWe need to be supportive our Health care and Essential workers in Health Care Facilities .We are all needing care at some point .Thank you to each and everyone of them .5 . Floriana PhillipsAbsolutelyAs a retired Registered Nurse, I’ve heard from friends & colleagues residing & working in the USA & the UK, of some of their own colleagues who’ve died from COVID-19, despite having all the PPEs & strictly following safety precautions, from the start of the Pandemic. Doctors & some other first responders too. The vaccines were still in the human trials phase, thus with no immunity & overworked, their own body’s immune system failed. 1 . David HernandezThe health workers are always exposed, is a very sad true that people can’t see clearly. They are unknown heroes and that its ok for their. In my opinion, we have to apretiate more to the true heroes in this world situation. Israel Zarate1  The Death hawaiian shirt

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