Tampa Bay sports for life cap hat

Tampa Bay sports for life cap hat


I have diabetes and high blood pressure ( take 2 medications for) and a smoker. I had covid a year ago and it was like having a sinus infection with shortness of breath and extremely tired. Lasted about 2 weeks and I was better. My son who is 30 great health had it and was in the hospital for 6 days on oxygen. By what the WHO and CDC say I should have been in the hospital on oxygen. Don’t fall for the scare tactics, live your life and enjoy it.. Just to encourage people: I have HBP, asthma issues, probably heart disease and I am overweight. Had Covid. It was no fun but I am fine out on the other end of it. No hospitalization etc. Well I’m a healthy 48 year old who is in the hospital now with covid. Going on almost 2 weeks. I was sick 8 days before coming because I could not go on anymore. Good thing I did because it gave me pneumonia and I couldn’t breathe. I’m much better now and hoping to be released in about 2 days. This is no joke people. My husband was in hospital for 2 weeks. Thank God my children had no symptoms even though they tested positive. God is good. If you do get sick don’t wait to go to the hospital because it leads to other things. Especially if you already have health problems. God bless. Tampa Bay sports for life cap hat

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Tampa Bay sports for life cap hat

You think? This has been talked about at our supper table numerous times since the pandemic started! So concentrate on protecting the vulnerable and develop better ways to treat symptoms!! Then develop policies so people can make healthier choices with nutrition and make sport activities more accessible for everyone.. Wrong approach! Same things causing chronic diseases (including the ones above) as causing vulnerability to Covid (and other infections). Lack of essential nutrients.. I have high blood pressure and got Covid-19. I had a sinus thing for 7 days and lost my taste and smell. That was it! No fever, fatigue, nothing else!. I am a bit concerned now about catching covid, as I have asthma, C. O. P. D. & CANCER so fingers crossed I don’t catch it?. I have asthma and i smoke and ive worked threw the whole.pandemic with out getting it and i clean for a living Tampa Bay sports for life cap hat

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Tampa Bay sports for life cap hat

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