Personalized Name and Number Los Angeles Chargers christmas sweater

Personalized Name and Number Los Angeles Chargers christmas sweater


Stephen AllenTried and true behavioral strategies can be credited here. Also proving the shutdowns were the completely wrong decision. 26 . Mark S. Hogan”multiple prevention strategies” . Khamo MartinWhat’s pregnant people that you shared yesterday I’m still confused 12 . Jonelle MadaesorScooby and the gang have a higher standard of morals.2 . Julie StalsworthLet me guess the 9 people who got it weren’t vaccinated.4 . Adolfo Piñeiro PagolaThey could share the information by percentages of the vaccine 1 to 3 which is the most applied1 . Nicole Russell HernandezCampers did not distance from each other… please 26 . Mary Paniscusomg they made kids wear masks camping in the clean outdoor air??!?!?!!?!3 . Suzanne RingYes people know how to take good care of themselves. . Adam O’MearaSweden. Look where they are now.1 . Barbara Bennett MorrisSo great then there should be no need to vaccinate children. Do no harm…. No long term studies done or could possibly be done for children. Let’s never repeat the sins of the past … thalidomide in pregnant women. Not wild about the disconnect I observed during the meeting and then the CDC overruling the other overwatch committee. No confidence after seeing the whistleblowers of Project Veritas. It was there own words and verified who they work for. Very concerned that members are stepping down . Marion Gruber being one of the individuals. Also I have a lot of concerns about why everything is still being done over zoom. Everyone else is back to work, some never stopped working but the agencies in charge of our health and making decisions about it still are not. The zoom meeting are far from impressive with much of the technology not working or some not using it correctly. Last I knew this should be the shining moment for the CDC , why they were created and they hide behind a camera. A Denver police officer was mandated to take the vaccine and he did and now can barely walk. His doctor said it was caused by the vaccine. He has a lawyer and you can look this up. Stay away from the children at least. I can’t see myself getting a booster until more is known. Please go back to work in person where the best work can be done. If you want to keep people out of the hospital why not try the two medicines that have shown 85% effectiveness ? That’s about as effective as the vaccines or more so looking at the waning effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine. Why give a grant to study the effects of the vaccine on menstruating women? I assume because a concern about this. You should be transparent and tell people about this. It shouldn’t be so hard to find info on these things. It can be done by looking these grants and studies up but most don’t have the time and it’s very hard to navigate. People should have confidence and that has not been conveyed. I have listened to every 8 hour meeting , stakeholder calls starting in Oct 2020 until the present time. It takes up a lot of my days but it’s important and I encourage everyone to watch these meetings on you tube under the FDA channel. 6  Personalized Name and Number Los Angeles Chargers christmas sweater

Product description: Personalized Name and Number Los Angeles Chargers christmas sweater

Personalized Name and Number Los Angeles Chargers christmas sweater

Amie LynneThen what are the schools doing wrong? We had the entire kindergarten class sent home within 3 days of school starting . Cathi Maziarz WallisIf you don’t heed the advice of the CDC, and don’t believe anything they’re saying, then the only reason you follow their page is to argue and heckle. Make better use of your time.133 . Clinton HagueNothings quite as amazing at summer camp like social distancing. Because who goes to camp to socialize anyway?!?13 . Barbara Bennett MorrisKathi Barfield Brewer , what’s so funny? Have you invested the time watching the meetings? 5 . Terry CheneyLaughing emoji to success interesting. Ignorance of science 8 . Michael CracchiolaOMG they’re gonna require a vaccine? Like they’ve been doing for 50+ years? And saving millions of lives? OMG, I am so outraged!!!5 . Cierra FarrisWash your hands, keep your distance, and you should be fine. . Joanne FilleulThe study is in the New England Medical Journal1  Personalized Name and Number Los Angeles Chargers christmas sweater

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