Gucci 06 All Over Print Hoodie And Legging


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Gucci 06 All Over Print Hoodie And Legging

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Maria Dora of Georgia ic25 and Alex Emmons of Ruptek Projects are releasing a new eco-conscious fashion project from their hometown of L.A. Dora established Georgia ic25 in September 2020 and is now onto her third collection. Her co-designer, Alex Emmons of Ruptek Projects, is a multi-medium artist with a specialty in distorting and re-contextualizing the familiar. Their collaboration, titled “Retrophase,” a combination of the words “retrofit” and “telophase,” represents the culmination of pieces that have been reincarnated while still serving their original purpose. Georgia ic25 sources most of its materials from excess inventory within 10 miles of its production site. The one-of-one 12-piece collection (including nine garments and three furniture pieces) aims to highlight sustainable modularity. The garments conform to whatever the wearer wants them to be—yet remains elevated in style. Retrophase makes the admirable effort not only to help the planet, but also its immediate community. Part of the proceeds from the auction benefit the Downtown’s Women’s Center, an organization focused exclusively on helping homeless women.

Gucci 06 All Over Print Hoodie And LeggingGucci 06 All Over Print Hoodie And Legging

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