Gucci 01 All Over Print Hoodie And Legging


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Gucci 01 All Over Print Hoodie And Legging

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DJ Peggy Gou, who founded and operates her own independent label, Gudu Records, is an indisputable icon of nightlife and fashion. So much so that she debuted her first collection from her streetwear label, Kirin (Korean for “giraffe”), at Paris Fashion Week in 2019, displaying her ability to seamlessly blend Korean mythology and club culture. Her newest collection for Farfetch is a celebration of vibrant femininity and genderless dressing through the lens of Gou’s Korean heritage. Kirin for Farfetch stays true to the label’s design ethos of bright colors and detailed prints, but the most notable underlying theme is the role of the femme persona throughout history. The intersection of culture and expression that women ubiquitously curate is evident in pieces such as the “Dancing Women” denim and knit sets. Elements of Gou’s career are incorporated as well, seen in the “Sound Wave” patterns that reflect her admiration for the omnipresent power of music. The collection is an elevated form of dress for a modern age that promotes acceptance and freedom for all.

Gucci 01 All Over Print Hoodie And LeggingGucci 01 All Over Print Hoodie And Legging

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