Vietnam Veteran Cap Custom Name

Vietnam Veteran Cap Custom Name
Vietnam Veteran Cap Custom Name


BodricK DeLaIt’s a sad situation Dear President Obama. But it doesn’t mean this country is truly under the curse. We gotta stay positif and pondering how we can be important for them. Is our duty to rescue this population who is going through a tough moment. Givi… See more19 . Alexander TheodossiadisThey do not seem to have learnt.They kill their leaders, they rebuild but substandard . Every decade twice they suffer from earth quakes.They are unruly life on this island has little value. Monies enter in this small island. But nothing changes ev… See more35 . Bob PoolThey shouldn’t build buildings higher than one story since they get earthquakes all the time. Lorraine Pool3 . Sandra St ValThank you Mr President the essential you are helping! It means a lot! Many turn their back and do nothing at all. Thanks again Mr President59 . Ajmal MassoumyMr.President. As an Afghan interpreter. I am deeply sorry for Haiti and Afghanistan disaster. I have come to your timeline so many times to see if you posted anything about Afghanistan but you have been silent. … See more105  Vietnam Veteran Cap Custom Name

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Clark LouizorRight! These are the same organizations under your government that helped rebuild Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.18 . Greg Le ServiteurObama was a great president i have a lot of respect for you, but there is one thing you should know all these ngo who are in haiti are only there to increase their capital in the misery of this poor country. as this lady said so well, the better you wi… See more6 . Jac R GonyaSome of these regions are not for human settlement … it’s high time Haiti relocate … I mean there are still trying to recover after the 2010 earthquake. 11 . Sybil SchwartzbachWhy is it that Haiti’s weather is so extreme….with so many Challenges…is there a way to make structures more earthquake, hurricane etc…safer…it’s a futile to believe this poor Country can change it’s existence alone.34 . LeeAnn PhillipsHaiti is like Afghanistan – you can throw money at it but it never fixes anything.21  Vietnam Veteran Cap Custom Name

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