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Katy Perry I mean how did u come up with the song daisies , it’s amazing! I can’t stop listening to it ever since I heard it , and the beat is so awesome . Can’t wait! My cousins daughter, Hannah is on there tonight!. Tonight’s show was hilarious! Pit bull wanna be and Luke Bryan dancing was priceless! Katy Perry you even perked up!. I am loving this new season so far.. Omg when Luke said that girl was like he had been dipped in Disney I really did LOL. My grandma is 96 and said “why is she dressing like she is my age” …?. I like American idol I’ll be watching it everyday and I like you three judges very much. Katy Perry’s Hair is Yellow and Short Hair , First her Hair is Lavander and Long and then Yellow and Short.. À Yman Ayman Truth lord lion who is jesus poster Like  · Reply · 2 w. I can’t wait for tonight!

Truth lord lion who is jesus poster

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Miss Golden hair surprise. I bet your gifts are more surprising when the wrapping paper is ripped off than all of the women I’ve been with put together.. AND THATS SOMETHING RIGHT THERE CAUSE I LOST COUNT FEW YEARS BACK. God bless you Katy and American… See more. I actually love the whole new season on American idol they are all so amazing it’s gonna be hard especially voting when they go to Hollywood. Vojnik song where you are serving army. Katy and Emily Blunt manip!. Daisies is my favorite song Katy thank you for your music Truth lord lion who is jesus poster Pause GIF. Pregnant again? Maybe with twins this time?. It was an awsome and funny show last night.. Great show you guys do some great things for people hopefully some of those kids you let go will come back again little bit better. Your southern twin was so funny . I’m stunned anyone still watches that???

Truth lord lion who is jesus poster

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