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Felix AkanInspiring to know this but its a pity a Nigerian youth like me doesn’t have this same opportunity because of Corruption in my country and my Dream is to live in America one day and possibly raise a Family there2 . Lisa PorterLabor day….yet another federal holiday where government businesses close but most everyday laborers still have to work. 8 . Linda Mc PhieBut there is a lot of injustice taking place in Labour all over the world and I think nothing much is being done to alleviate the suffering of some in the workplace2 . R a s h’s sonNo matter which language you speak, everyone understands the true meaning of smile. It communicates everything that a heart wants to express and understand.3 . Louisa Lewis WilliamsIts a wonderful thing to celebrate good, honest work . Its telling of today’s typical working goals, (wherein the aim it seems is to be as opaque, as ruthless and self serving as possible,) that the comparison of honest toil, for an hone… See more6  Truck Keep On Truckin American Flag

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Patricia WrightGreat and encouraging testimony for us all, thank you Mr. Maurice keep up the great job and bugging our young people to help them get on the right tract, you are God sent! Have a Happy and Blessed labor day to you and our #1 favorite smart President, M… See more15 . Colleen AndersonI am a history person and this is a great holiday to read about. Unions are not the same as the onset same as Politicians. Just started reading your book, great first 3 chapters can relate to SOOOO MUCH. 9 . Patricia HughesCongratulations and keep on talking to these young men. They need to hear from someone who has been where they currently are. Keep up the great work. Peace and blessings. . Cashauna AlexanderHappy Labor Day to all!!!Thank you also Mr.President Obama and thank you for healthcare and insurance and for speaking up for the ones’s who don’t have a voice!!!7  Truck Keep On Truckin American Flag

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