The shinning ugly sweater

The shining ugly sweater
The shinning ugly sweater


Small business owners go through difficult times to pay their taxes, and some millionaire corporations paying a foolish amount, in taxes, not fare.. We can’t tax & spend ourselves into prosperity. We’re mortgaging our grandchildren and future generations futures away, with failed social engineering agendas.. Yeah I do think 400k a year isn’t what it used to be. Yes it’s a good living but it’s definitely not “rich”. I think they should probably adjust that. Think about it, a car costs close to 50-90 grand for a good truck or SUV. Forget about it if you want electric! I definitely think we need to tax the rich, but do it in a way that they are NOT able to pass those costs down to the consumer.. The best American president ever is Barack Obama.. I agree. But we should have limits on how much control the government has on our lives. The shining ugly sweater

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The shinning ugly sweater

You mean like limiting the deduction for local and state taxes to $10K the way Trump set it up, making the wealthy pay their fair share of federal taxes that Schumer and Pelosi are working overtime to reverse?. Exactly! The shining ugly sweater I don’t think any Patriotic American with a good heart and conscience will comfortably exploit a loophole at the detriment of his fellow citizens and the welfare of the nation.. Americans, give your eyes and ears to former President Obama because he is working day and night for the development of the country and the people and for the good of the United States.. In order for a country to reach the peak of development, it must pay special attention to corporate. And increase their opportunities. Then the per capita income of every person in the country will increase.. And at the end of all that the middle class and low income citizens are going to get taxed more while rich find a way out!

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