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Tennessee Eagle Flag
Tennessee Eagle Flag


We Ugandans have Bobi Wine , at only 38 years, he’s proved that age is just number, because he’s the level of humanity, integrity and love for his own is just like Madiba & you Barack Obama. Nelson Mandela was a diamond. His intelligence, endurance and character remained throughout his country’s struggle against apartheid. What an amazing human!.   Tennessee Eagle Flag · Follow “One of the greatest humans to tread the earth!” Madiba! Absolutely Barack Obama sir!… See more.   · Follow A wonderful President who respected all Americans, even those who didn’t respect him as being human.. I wish one day, future generations will inherit, push, and pass on the same spirit like that of #Madiba. Barack Obama you have been a good example of that Light.. Great Mandela suffered and survived to make South Africa great. … See more. I only realized his determination once I visited Robben island .. Nelson Mandela Was a great leader And widely Regarded as an icon of Democracy And Social justice. Thank you president Obama For making this Memorial to the New generation of Mandela .

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He was an incredible leader. He life worth emulating.. What a great leader and someone who put his personal gain aside and a positive thinker who was so committed for his people. Great leader wil never relent ,i was so glad that Gérald levert and Eddie got to meet him in 2007 and rigth after that gerald passes ,. Thank you President Obama for being an inspiration and for staying true to the legacy of Madiba. We are living in challenging times, our democracy is too violent. The long walk is without hope for the majority of people.. But sad what’s happening in SA definitely not what Madiba would have wanted but after all these years after indepence the black majority have yet to have their country back…85 percent versus 15 percent in terms of economic empowerment won’t cut it un… See more. Mr Nelson Mandela was one of the most beautiful people to grace gods green earth. A giant amongst men and true leader. Sorely missed by millions, A man with the truest of hearts Tennessee Eagle Flag

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