Super mario ugly sweater

Super mario ugly sweater
Super mario ugly sweater


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Plug taxation loopholes instead by scrapping tax treaties with all tax havens and imposing OFAC sanctions on them as they are the biggest route for international tax evasion. Anyone unable to understand should read the book ‘How Globalisation really works’ for more clarity. Many MNCs and institutions misuse this and pay negligible taxes on their international sales/investments leading to net higher taxation on individuals and small businesses.. That won’t happen. Biden wrote the Tax Code Loopholes under Obama when he was Vice President. Google it…. Inerich Varsa These loopholes have existed for decades under many different administrations and different parties controlling Congress.. With all due respect, President Obama. This isn’t a new thought for the “no longer existing” middle class & poor. I doubt I’ll see it in my lifetime. I have faith in our youth, soon coming into power, but there’s still so many currently in power that will never let that happen. Feeling disheartened, but always voting & hopeful. Super mario ugly sweater

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Super mario ugly sweaterSuper mario ugly sweater

There is nothing Congress loves more than talk of tax reform. Here’s how it works: Someone proposes a tax code where the rich pay a percentage of their total income with no exemptions or deductions. This leads to hundreds of lobbyists and billionaires paying off hundreds of members of Congress to put their pet deductions and tax breaks back in. The result is a new system that looks surprisingly like the old one and the campaign donation coffers are filled. Repeat every few years.. Mr. President, taxes are a topic politicians like to and I guess must discuss, but why haven’t you spoken out on the Haitians at the border? I know Pres Biden has your support and friendship, however, this is an inhumane situation that you normally would speak eloquently on. Party alliance shouldn’t matter. I hope you have been able to provide counsel in this matter.. America absolutely needs this. But what’s with all the rhetoric instead of concrete action? HOW EXACTLY are these ultra-wealthy corporations and individuals dodging their taxes? WHAT EXACTLY would it take to stop it? Issue an executive order if you have to. Walk the walk. Super mario ugly sweater

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