SL Benfica stan smith shoes

SL Benfica stan smith shoes
SL Benfica stan smith shoes


I hope this isn’t the last social progress America ever makes.. Now the GOP State Health legislation across the US is creating the ‘Death Panels” they lied and said Obamacare would. Thank you for caring . I despise anything Obama has done. Especially how he destroyed this country. Now we have is dopey partner Biden screwing up further more.. Our entire office lost their health insurance because of this. My doctor of 25 years also retired because of the reporting requirements!. We need universal Healthcare for all Americans. There is no excuse.. They have insurance but the working man is paying for it.. Love and Respect Mr président from Morroco. “Affordable” Health Care???????????? Have to pay, OUT OF POCKET $7500 U..S.D. before any insurance monies go out. Premium $250 a month. Affordable? On $1591 a month??? This is until Medicare kicks in. When Medicare comes around, more monies going… See more SL Benfica stan smith shoes

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Unfortunately,our president resorted to fighting his deputy and the entire country lost focus.Covid19 funds created billionaires odinaire.Looting has been institutionalized in Kenya.. Mr. President….an awesome initiative. I will respectfully ask that you please, please create such an environment on the African Continent. We’re are in dire need of leadership on our Continent. I will be more than willing to join this noble endeavour.. Oh how I miss this man’s charisma and sense of humanity in the everyday spotlight. Congrats to the class, abs keep up the great work President Obama and Michelle!!. Finally, some constructive thoughts and ideas coming out of this period of chaos and division. I can’t wait to hear what plans come forth for the future. God help and bless you.. Obama & Michelle are what embodied “The American Promise” to the ‘children of the world for (a freer) and a better world to live in’- late Michael Jackson. SL Benfica stan smith shoes

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