Ski-doo stan smith shoes

Ski-doo stan smith shoes
Ski-doo stan smith shoes


Ski-doo stan smith shoes · Follow Respect to all the martyrs . The kind of leadership we needed was earlier got by you it’s really amazing to be part of America leadership is great we really appreciate so much. Everything you wrote is right and well said. But a word (an apologize?) for the hundreds of thousands innocent people killed and injured in Afghanistan, in Irak, and in Syria because of the American revenge following 9/11 would have been nice to read too. While we will all remember the innocent lives we lost on this day, 20 years ago, it is also important to never forget the nearly 1 Million (arguably more) lives lost as the direct consequence of our retaliation against two countries, Afghanistan and Ir… See more. Yes, it was a tragedy. However, our vengeance twenty years later has caused more tragedy for millions of people in the Mideast. Innocent people who had nothing to do with 9/11. Why don’t we think about that. The invasion of two countries didn’t accompl… See more

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As a Canadian, I am thinking about our American brothers and sisters today. Remember those days of unity in the face of great fear and anguish. Be kind to one another even these difficult days will be part of the past.. Can UNITY return to the US with all the vocal hatred and anger and lies of the last years? Maybe God will bless us even more and people will appreciate this wonderful country. That’s what I pray . Wow what powerful words , this Man should be the life long President of America , he shows such empathy with people of all walks of life ,has such a huge heart and cares not what colour you are . I love what he stands for with all my heart and wish for… See more. I would never want a 9/11 to happen again but really wish we could return to how we were on 9/12. We were a country that loved our neighbors, honored the ones that served, proudly flew our flag and hugged one another. We were the United States of America! Ski-doo stan smith shoes

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