Seattle Mariners For Life Cap Hat

Seattle Mariners For Life Cap Hat


D.j. LichtenbergerYes . Johann OtanezIn progress  . Michael PayneYes as much as I hate to say it . Rachel Ann ElizondoYes!!! . BC KariiAstros will go to the next round even if the haters do not like it, it is impossible for them to lose 3 in a row2 . Roberto M VillalpandoWho has FS1 ????  . Top FanJosee MotaaYes . DeAndre JA GreerYes.  . Top FanLou StringerNo . Timothy MagooNope . Kasay McChesneyYep . Armando Aguirre AntunezNope! Sox gonna knock the yellow cheese enchiladas out them 4 . Tyler HannaA lot of new baseball fans on this thread…. Every team in the MLB cheats, there’s a million unwritten rules in the MLB. Sign stealing and jiggered pitches have been a thing since the dawn of the mlb. Every single team has done it and still dose it. Welcome to the MLB. If your not smart enough to change your signs that’s on you. The Astros just openedly admit to it and still can’t be beat. As a matter a fact they only got better after 2017. There will be no sweep but Houston will win this series. And the next. Go Stros!!1  Seattle Mariners For Life Cap Hat

About Product: Seattle Mariners For Life Cap Hat

Seattle Mariners For Life Cap Hat

Bill MoseleyCommentators stink. Can’t be unbiased.3 . Evan LeeI’m rooting for the White Sox, but I said it before and will again, they are the worst team to make the playoffs in the AL. I’m not surprised that they’re losing to the Houston Asterisks2 . Thomas DelaplaneLet’s go White Sox!!!9 . David CodyI guess I’ll find out tomorrow because it’s impossible to watch MLB games without cable #whyesportsarewinning2 . Eder RubioCheating obviusly…6 . Thomas DeryThey cheated team should still be Ban from Baseball Period 13 . Chris MackIf they’re cheating again then yes.20 . Mike PitzelTake that Astros2 . Felipe NavarroDam right they will 1 . Top FanAaron WiegandYou guys spelled CHEAT wrong.. and yes they will cheat6 . Sergio CastilloOf course they know the Cheat Codes 3 . Tyler CubsSwepted hahaha go cubs4 . Kim Alvarez GonzálezAre they cheatin’ ? Yes2 . Julie WilliamsonYes the Astros will sweep 5 . Stephen HawklandNo. They will win in 5 when they go back to Houston.1  Seattle Mariners For Life Cap Hat

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Seattle Mariners For Life Cap Hat

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