Pro america anti-biden sticker

Pro america anti-biden sticker
Pro america anti-biden sticker


I was in Chicago and happy to see work progress on the Obama foundation.. We young leaders , should lead from the front. Pro america anti-biden sticker Impacting our community positively regardless how big or small it is.. Mr. President….an awesome initiative. I will respectfully ask that you please, please create such an environment on the African Continent. We’re are in dire need of leadership on our Continent. I will be more than willing to join this noble endeavour.. I just love the pictures of President Obama in a room full of ppl; the diversity and the huge smiles are palpable.. United Nations: Ending discrimination benefits everyone.. Racial injustice is evil , because the philosophy of man is man himself ; human beings are the same everywhere. Thank you Obama, I full agree with your effort to change the world. could schoolars from Indonesia tobe study in “obama foundation?'”. YES! But VOTING RIGHTS SHOULD BE FRONT & CENTER RIGHT NOW AS REPUBLICANS RESTRICT THEM ALL OVER OUR COUNTRY TO REPLACE DEMOCRACY WITH AUTOCRACY .

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Thank you for sharing this story . Very uplifting and so many young adults need to hear this story. It’s tough being out there on your own at a young age with no direction. Kuddos to you.. I am a history person and this is a great holiday to read about. Unions are not the same as the onset same as Politicians. Just started reading your book, great first 3 chapters can relate to SOOOO MUCH. . Congratulations. Thank you for sharing this story, Mr. President. Maurice is a powerful example that anyone, regardless of race or upbringing, can accomplish anything he or she sets their mind on. Blessings, Maurice! . Thank you President Obama. My father and brother were Union carpenters. The labor movement literally lifted generations up out of poverty and low paying jobs to good jobs and life skills.. Happy Labor Day to all!!!Thank you also Mr.President Obama and thank you for healthcare and insurance and for speaking up for the ones’s who don’t have a voice!!! Pro america anti-biden sticker

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