Nurse American Flag

Nurse American Flag


Dolapo Dolly-play Nurse American Flag Great! Star Boy is back at it. Making your fans in London and in the world proud. #BS7 . Our very own lad…on loan from Kenya to England. Fuseini Yakubu. Amazing performance young boy from Kenya… Golden Gunner. Its a friendly match and the way admin is hyping it you might think bukayo sanogo scored a screamer in euro semis against France … This boy is good let him join Chelsea or Man City …. Arsenal is too slow for him . Finally! The malaysian born star score. The whole malay boy proud of you boy. We know you born at kokdiang.. We as yur brothers from Uganda.we r proud of yu man prove them wrong that yr not a British pure luo man.. Uhmmm …..dreamers saying. Igofcomedy Gabriel. Hope all the Kenyan folks will finally have dia peace now… Saka was born in Ealing, Greater London to Nigerian parents,[6] and attended Edward Betham CofE Primary School[7] before Greenford High School.[8] He is of Nigerian descent; his parents emigrated to London from Nigeria as economic migrants.[9] In an interview, Saka stated the importance of his father in his footballing career, “He’s a massive inspiration for me. From when I was young, he always kept me grounded, kept me humble.”[10]

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Nurse American Flag

Tossey Uba Nurse American Flag Just like the way he carried Arsenal on his back he has started with The Three Lions… Our Very Own Golden Boy of the year… Congratulations. Our own égbón from Nigeria that we borrow England. Tom Roster. Bukayo Saka, the new kid on the blocks… His humble nature really amazes. He’s diminutive, yes, but underrate him at your own peril.. He scored a good goal then went missing for 70 minutes.. Andrew Pitman. That Ugandan boy from Adjumani making us proud as he represents England. Yeah our Kenyan star boy is doing great in Europe . Daniel Kiprop. Sylvia Copeland. Friendly or not, these games are important because they also affect team ratings.. He deserves to be in a better club he’s such a talent to look out for. Cheryl Philipsz. Since y’all are confused about where he’s from,permit to celebrate our star boy from Afghanistan . The first Kenyan to score for England, what a star. Kenyans are always champions

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Nurse American Flag

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