Now I lay me down to sleep doormat

Now I lay me down to sleep doormat


Tammy BeggSince you can’t tell the difference between the two sexes and know that women get pregnant, I will not t be taking any medical advice from you. 285 . Ann SmajstrlaThe CDC is awesome 155 . Anja WachtaufNot sure I’m taking medical advise from someone who says “people” get pregnant. 16 . Julie Ludlow StahlyPregnant people???? Isn’t it pregnant women? Weird 76 . Siobhan JacksonHad covid while pregnant was barely sick no complications 22 . Lori JensenIt amazes me how the CDC has a new group of individuals they target every week. Next… our pets will need vaccinated.. 131 . Cari S. Miller*pregnant people. Just stop30 . Bridgette PeltierCurrently pregnant and I do not plan on getting the shot while I’m pregnant. I and a few of my family members had Covid November 2020 and still have antibodies. We do our part to stay safe and keep others safe, we are also up to date with our immunizations. However, to each their own, get the shot or don’t it’s your body!110  Now I lay me down to sleep doormat

About product: Now I lay me down to sleep doormat

Now I lay me down to sleep doormat

A vaccinated wife got covid and passed it to her vaccinated husband who, following most cdc guidlines, went into work over the weekend, tested positive on Monday, and passed it to other coworkers.. Hear yourself! Cases are DECREASING!!! This makes NO sense!. Ohhh well look at that….. Montana has the biggest block of blue on the whole map….. and made it illegal to mandate workers to get the jab……… oh my that must be wrong . So glad the government and CDC are looking out for our best interest. Thank you so much.. Any freshman in College knows how to manipulate data to support any conclusion you want. When a Politician is overruling medical Doctors, you know the data is cooked.. WTH, I just heard yesterday that there is a spike in covid in state of Oregon. But Kate Brown just wants to keep it shut down. Sick of socialists. Now I lay me down to sleep doormat

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