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Sue NormanI am so looking forward to your next Album. Hope you are still creating music, you have a fantastic voice and delivery, and your performing is a light in this sometimes dark world.6 . Uniting The World  · FollowMuch love from Kenya 15 . Maria GiorgianteYou look so beautiful with curls not into the straight hair so much 6 . Kath AlecksandraProud single here37 . Iyana Russellwhat about fenty hair?? fenty music ???! 13 . Sheryl BricknellWhy y’all get on every post talking about “where’s the new album”? If you’re a true fan, you love everything she does and quit harassing her about music that she clearly isn’t interested in making right now.7 . Tarig EizaldenRihanna18 . Kele SeahlodiYou’re dropping everything but an album still love you tho.3 . Maria Ellizabelle SoleneWhere’s the album6 . Zaw Myo ThuThis post is so inspirational it touched my heart, soul, mind, ears, eyes, nose, skin, kidneys, lungs, adrenal glands, aorta, pancreas, liver, spleen, cerebral cortex, and gastrointestinal track.1  Manchester united gradient polo shirt

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Valentin Bosioc   · FollowRiri 243 . Mic Ross   · FollowLoving thot season been clapping cheeks all week 264 . Mystikjipsy   · FollowNeed this in my life, looks amazing! 208 . Martavious Gayles   · FollowThats right queen people getting those knees trained. To give Meagan a run for her money Pause GIFTenor237 . Mary HowardI think it’s cute, just wish I could have gotten a better look at the whole suit instead of focusing on the top.16 . David PaxWhen wearing a bikini, a woman reveals 90 % of her body…Men are so polite that they only look at the covered part.82 . Shiran DizzerWow Rihanna that was really awesome. Ur tattoo on ur chest,,,,16 . Kgomotso MoleluRihanna believes that sexy is not an age, neither a number on a scale. It is a mindset and they want every woman to feel confident, feminine, sensual and just plain gorgeous in her underwear –after all, you deserve it!SavageXFenty–for the woman who has something to say!12  Manchester united gradient polo shirt

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