LOTR Taters Potatoes 3D Printed Ugly Sweatshirt

LOTR Taters Potatoes 3D Printed Ugly Sweatshirt


Come back to old Trafford and do your best. I wonder how he even made the team in the first.. Congratulations. Rashford should have been left out of the squad….even Lingard is better of than rashford #useless player # Marcus rashford . the coach is confuse he don’t know his first eleven,be patient rashy. Kindly ask Saka why he removed a shirt for a goal he never scored nor assisted. We are all behind you bring it home Marcus Rashford. Create chances Marcus…… Slyk you doubt yourself. Always my best player ,but I don’t the kind of game you are playing nowadays ,,,or are you not physically fit ?. wake-up my best friend rashford your performance is poor. Hola Pimpin’. Be Well. And better than cyti’s silver.. Looking forward to yet another clash this time against Germany, wow. With Foden, Sterling, Rashford, Kane and the in coming Saka am confident England will deliver and and go through to the quarter finals. Take it to them by playing to the best of your ability thus taking all the opportunities to score as they come, no hesitation at goal mouth, no complacency but buried it, your movement and pace will always see you through ahead on defenders. On one on one situation with goalkeepers there is only two options but the most commonest and simplest of all is to go round faster, quick enough to sway the keeper Completely to find an e.pty net. Keep it cool and clean picking up one momentum after the other as the game progresses to look for that open space by stretching to look for unmarked team mate in a better position to score as you did in Tuesday. Mind mapping before a game is crucial as it gives you ideas what to do in different circumstances on the pitch. Composure is another tool with great body swerving as it opens up to find a gap. I know you know what to do in those circumstances but this is just a reminder should it happens and how to adopt. In most cases opportunities come right from the beginning and as a striker by taken those early opportunities gives you the edge and the confidence to do even much greater throughout the game. Becareful with yellow or red card as there are always tantrums played as tactics by opposing teams to rid the main man, beware and show good sportsmanship.Best of luck in Tuesday. I am ever prepared to watch and give cheers on that nite. All my love to you and the rest of the England squad. Till then see you on Tuesday win a win by all means necessary. LOTR Taters Potatoes 3D Printed Ugly Sweatshirt

About product: LOTR Taters Potatoes 3D Printed Ugly Sweatshirt

LOTR Taters Potatoes 3D Printed Ugly Sweatshirt

Just keep playing your football I would love for you to be in my team but its not to be. Not happy to watch England, I’m missing the traits of RASHFORD, SANCHO AND GREALISH. YOU ARE MY MODEL IN THE ENGLISH TEAM ,. Really hope u beat Germany. LOTR Taters Potatoes 3D Printed Ugly Sweatshirt Wanna see England in the finals. . You deserve bench Marcus, you need to improve your games because you’re out of form. Well done England and you always give 100% Marcus. Wake-up your performance is too poor. That’s the end of the journey we miss you In Old Trafford…. You deserve a place in the starting 11…hope #Southgate will realize that soon. Don’t be selfish, next season I expect to see “old” Rashford who always makes us fans to be happy by scoring goals when he is fit,,, just go for surgery bro last 16 belongs to your team mates who are fit!

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LOTR Taters Potatoes 3D Printed Ugly Sweatshirt

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