Let’s go Brandon house flag

Let's go Brandon house flag


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Top FanKarl MuellerI don’t know why the drivers take offense to the engineer telling him to push. Just say “copy” and go on with it instead of complaining to the engineer.1 . Top FanMontasif RashidHe should probably get used to it as an asian guy..he might be hearing this his whole life off track…just saying2 . Michał GilIt’s called frustration. When engineer asking to push, you already giving everything you have . It’s same as,, saying to disable person who can’t walk to try harder trying walking .  . Orlando Jr.Yuki trying to find the right words to express his frustrations 27 . Sascha Yeri HochsteinerFirst 2000 kid in formula one and he acts like he owns it… yea. I rally cant stand this generation31 . CZ DanielKimi 2.0 except everyone hates him26 . Alessio BrancatoHe’s channeling a lot of Kimi Raikkonen’s energy. . Thomas PirastuHe is very young.. Can he handle all that pressure? He gets nervous so easily!  Let’s go Brandon house flag

About product: Let’s go Brandon house flag

Let's go Brandon house flag

Papp Bence Let’s go Brandon house flag Alonso was always known by his magnificent racestarts!. Great footage but I just wish they’d hurry up and bring the 360 deg cameras from Indy.. I never been a fan but he is a fantastic starter and probably one of the best finisher in F1…. Nice of Gasly and Leclerc to overtake him off track.. Ernesto Federico Mutti. The sound.. . When did it become OK to overtake off the track…… No track limits????. At times, he’s super reckless, not being careful about the safety of other drivers…. That Ferrari with a broken wing is faster…. He is a Racing Animal! Awful sound coming out of that Renault engine.. he was lucky to be away from Lec ,what a boring sound from Renault engine and gear box . Dinesh Kiran Not a huge fan but have to acknowledge that he’s probably the best in the grid in terms of race craft.

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