Let’s go Brandon flag

Let's go Brandon flag


Diana BadyrkaThank You Dr.Walensky for your decision on the booster vaccine. As a retired pulmonary RN, I am so glad you are standing up to those on the front line of our communities.17 . Juanita Mays FacklamI got my booster yesterday at a small town pharmacy. I want to protect myself as well as others. I am definately over 65.19 . Sidra KamranHow about 65 and older who got Moderna vaccine how they will get boost shoot 3 . Katherine AbercrombieWhen will the Maderna boosters be ready?23 . Dee N WhitneySorry but Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky broke from the agency’s advisory panel – this is why we don’t believe anything from the CDC – Rochelle is too political and we all see and guess what, we don’t believe or respect anything coming from the CDC. No booster!45 . Jiji T. Dela CruzI had Johnson & Johnson, is it okay if I get this booster shot with Pfizer? 3  Let’s go Brandon flag

About product: Let’s go Brandon flag

Let's go Brandon flag

Michelle E LaineCan’t wait to see all of the happy, healthy people walking around after the boosters! That reminds me . Are you handing out free donuts and beer this time around? 28 . Katya ShpilbergThank you, Dr. Walensky, for coming through for the US healthcare and other frontline workers late last night!11 . Debbie ThompsonThe FDA just said NO to the booster. Who is running our country?80 . Joyce SummersSo…..why are we getting a booster via Pfizer ….when I had my 2 vaccines thru a differant Moderna?4 . Kristen Michaele WilliamsWhy would the CDC director overrule both the FDA and her own CDC scientists? 43 . Kenneth Casey ByrdOh so big brother says I can’t upgrade my tracker but I have an autoimmune disease I’m triggered I need a safe space 11 . Tiff UakSo its working or ??? What happened to following Isreal 12 . Joey RaderThe experts on the advisory board said they don’t approve. But the CDC says, “Who cares, come get a shot!” So we are not following science at all anymore? 15  Let’s go Brandon flag

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