Keep on truckin truck American flag

Keep on truckin truck American flag


Wait til your dad gets home !!. Mom: turn the lights and tv off when you leave the room!. My mom: remember forgiveness is not for the one who hurt you, it is for you so you can move on.. Happy Mother’s Day to first Lady Jill. Thank you President Biden for ignoring g the ignorance and not acting out like a baby as trump did. From the man that supports abortion and not assigning gender to individuals.. you and your kind are a joke happy something day to you to Miss daisy. My mother had two quotes I always think of: “To have a friend you have to be one”, and the other was “You can’t change stupid”. Thank you Mr. President for being intelligent and caring!. “You can do anything you want in life…anything.” My mom was a widow at 31 with 2 small children. She is the most amazing person I know. Keep on truckin truck American flag

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Keep on truckin truck American flag

Your so beautiful. Teresa E Kwon amem. Teresa E Kwon but let the windmills kill the birds. Wooow!!! Innocent children’s life has always been in danger and no one is saying anything while people are vouching for animal life. That’s why America will never be blessed and that’s the bitter truth. SMH. The blood of those innocent children killed in Abortion will never let that country mov forward.. Nathalia Marie-Therese Anyanwu that was my thoughts as well, whether it children at the border or in the womb be slaughtered. A fanatical double standard. A fanatical double standard is bi*tching every day about our annoyances while blindly ignoring that our species overpopulation is directly linked to every single gripe, from prices to traffic jams to deadly pandemics, like the one that is (as always) linked to selfish meat indulgences and has taken 3 million LIVES and counting…. Teresa E Kwon dont kill animals its wrong.. But lets slaughter babies in the womb because people dont want to take responsibility for their actions. Yep, that sounds like a true democrat. Congrats. Keep on truckin truck American flag

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Keep on truckin truck American flag

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