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I want auroras and sad prose Kansas Eagle Flag I want to watch wisteria grow right over my bare feet. Just the best. Love this so much. Thanks for all you give us! I never knew I was a Taylor fan until a year ago and I’m so grateful.. The album version of The Lakes is amazing… this version is definitely not as good. That drum beat doesn’t belong here!. My favorite album of all time (and as a former disc-jockey, I’ve heard thousands…). This album meant so much to all of us at such a difficult time. Forever grateful for folklore . The Lakes is my favourite track on Folklore.. The Beatles could never be as iconic as this . Let’s all not forget that folklore broke records despite being a surprise album. 7 MILLION units globally 6 BILLION streams. Taylor Swift > The Beatles . From the second I first heard the lakes, it’s been my favorite on folklore. Reading how there is another version of it made me, and probably everyone else, long to hear it. So Taylor Swift, take us to the lakes!! Happy one year of folklore!

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Kansas Eagle Flag · Follow Girl… You’re in love with nature like me. .   · Follow It’s been inspiring the way you’ve pushed through such big hurdles thru all the legal stuff, pandemic, etc and had the biggest bounceback ever. Congrats.   · Follow Congrats.   · Follow.   · Follow So awesome! My Taylor Swift playlist: Ryan.lnk.to/Taylor RYAN.LNK.TO Taylor Swift.   · Follow Congratulations.   · Follow.   · Follow The world famous singer! And the model also congratulations for 1 year anniversary! We really supporting to you and your voice is awesome! .   · Follow Your words are so calming. Continue to make music that people can feel. We appreciate your musical . omw to the windermere peaks to listen to this on repeat and cry. this is us trying to not let our tears ricochet all down our screens. .   · Follow.   · Follow. Thank you for giving us the best album that we didn’t known we needed. I still sit in my imaginary cabin, with my eyes closed, and sing along almost nightly.

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