Jesus gorgeous lion canvas


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I haven’t stopped listening to it . She has the most recognizable eyes. Gorgeous!. Ummm most of the songs here sound generic. How many self empowerment anthems are you going to try to make? Jesus gorgeous lion canvas Other than the already released songs i only got Champagne Problems, and Tucked.. I bought the album today amazing I love your music xx. Katy fay, the new album smile is a blockbuster, soul touchy, & thank you fairy for this awesome gift in this pandemic, I love u because your thoughts are so real, & u see hope everywhere.. Love the Smile music video! and the song.. I really liked your last album Witness. Smile is awesome and is on repeat.. Congratulations on giving birth to most beautiful daughter Daisy you’re gonna be a beautiful mama. Love you katy. We all support you from malta. God bless your family and keep you safe from any harm. Take care swt katy. … See more

Jesus gorgeous lion canvas

Jesus gorgeous lion canvas 1

Got it on now its fantastic! Hope you are all OK and a massive congratulations. Katie, God loves you. You belong to him. In Jesus’s name- you are his daughter he will not forsake you. We love the real you. We all are sinners but he loves us…..truth be told.. thank you katy for this incredible album . Congratulations. Oohhhh! That vid abt champain with the red hair! Hot!!!!How’s your baby? ! As a mother I’m Very protective. You’ll see what I mean. U just Roar at anybody that tries to hurt your baby. Or pray abt it and let Jesus handle it. (Or, most moms do)… See more. Congratulations on you baby Daisy Dove Bloom! I knew the baby and the album would be delivered almost together!. The album is beyond perfection! Thank you so much!! . Happy new year and have a good one I’m glad you noticed me by girl snow white in the form of a rock meaning my first love died on me sad how we went your songs help me I miss her to this day and I really do walk the line my second love left with my hea… See more Jesus gorgeous lion canvas

Jesus gorgeous lion canvas

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