I left my heart in germany mug

I left my heart in germany mug
I left my heart in germany mug


The attitude of the U.S. Military towards the Abandoned Overseas Children of American Servicemen was “Don’t ask…We Don’t Tell”. The book “Daddy Where are You?” by Shirley McGlade gives chapter and verse.. Brunon you are right they can support overseas kids as I do, there are too many dads who leave their kids with the mother. I came here in the 1940s with my mother so my parents could marry. Neither Germany nor the American military would allow their marriage while they were in Germany-a common problem. Soon after they were married at a big family celebration with my Americ… See More. This should never been a thing in the first place!. Thank you for reducing prejudice.. so sad that Bill C. couldn’t get this done…. we have so much to be ashamed of…. but we are (slowly) making progress….. So, repealing that provision made the US Army stronger? What an outlandish claim! Historically, the normalization of anomalous sexual practices has served to weaken armies, not strengthen them I left my heart in germany mug

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I left my heart in germany mugI left my heart in germany mug

A long overdue change and thank you President Obama. I sure do miss having you watching over us. The country has gone crazy since you left.. I am British and oh how I wish we had you as our leader Barack Obama. America needs to return to God. America of the 50’s isn’t what it is today. Rules are made, unmade, written and unwritten. It’s amazing how these orientations are being forced upon other countries regardless of their religions in recent times. What sho… See More. OMG! Biden wore a tan suit! Where was the outrage! How could you let that happen?!. Don’t ask don’t tell was replaced by tell everyone all the time. Literally all the time. Even if no one asks.. Mr. Obama, america failed in Sulu. Its their greatest disgrace, for unlike Afghanistan, Jolo Sulu is a tiny island on the map. The spaniards also left this island with disgrace, so was japanese. If america doesn’t teach his son, the Philippine governme… See More I left my heart in germany mug

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