Hocus Pocus Halloweendow wall art poster

Hocus Pocus Halloweendow wall art poster


Pre CiousKloop should be ashamed how can he play those old people against those kids31 . Weston Lemme ChilapondwaWhat job done??…Villa were playing against their ancestors37 . Top fanRichard EvansWell played the villa kids done your team proud and credit to Liverpool for starting a strong team8 . Lee MortonKlopp complains about player safety but in a game when HE KNOWS Villa can’t put out a full team he still plays Mane and Salah. Sorry Klopp but your taking the piss8 . Yego Kay MartynezThose kids have every reason to be proud….They were amazing….playing such a good opposition for 90mins…wasn’t a mean achievement7 . Dean BushellAs a Villa fan we played brilliantly. A team of barely 17 year olds made Liverpool work hard for an hour then we run out of steam which was to be expected. They still had to bring on their best players to change the game in their favour though. Klopp … See more18  Hocus Pocus Halloweendow wall art poster

About product: Hocus Pocus Halloweendow wall art poster

Hocus Pocus Halloweendow wall art poster

Sam PaddockNice one for the game villa well done the young lads. More bottle than Citeh and Fulham fielding a team not using covid as an excuse. 2 . John AndersonFantastic display by the Villa kids and what a brilliant goal by Barry .As a Villa fan I know a lot of supporters think he’s going to be a top striker12 . Sandy EmkLiverpool have to renew their subscription with VAR in order to start winning PL matches32 . Peter WallLiverpool fc & Klopp have shown their true colours tonight, what a low class outfit they are, The Villa schoolboys embarrassed you tonight. The City of Liverpool is a pitiable place tonight. 9 . Kato Naga ZhimomiThose who are saying playing against kids remember last year LFC Junior team played against them too…32 . Ngwa Belmondo PirezWe really have a perfect way of discouraging our coach and team as a whole. we always look for a way to criticise their efforts. Now we are throwing flowers at the Villa kids but we forget that Liverpool has been using kids too to play this same tourna… See more4  Hocus Pocus Halloweendow wall art poster

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Hocus Pocus Halloweendow wall art poster

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