Golf and skull hawaiian shirt

Golf and skull hawaiian shirt
Golf and skull hawaiian shirt


Golf and skull hawaiian shirt · Follow Mr. President, FORAS our Dictator, Museveni, is swimming in aid/loan cash with his cartel of Greedy criminals. No plans for vaccination.. It would be great if all of the living Presidents would make a statement together how important and safe it is for everyone to get vaccinated. Maybe, it would save some lives.. Take a third one if I have to I’ve no prob with getting both shots. It’s our duty as citizens to care about each other. Please inform those that’s wearing their Mask to make sure it’s over their Noses. “It’s to be worn over the nose not under the nose.Whatever is flowing in the air you can inhalant into the Nose. Mask up save lives be safe.. I got my vaccine and I’m still wearing a mask and not going inside to eat etc. but we all need to do our part so we can stop the cycle

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