God Bless Uk’s Heroes Soldiers Poster

God Bless Uk's Heroes Soldiers Poster


Steven VermeulenI came here for the sour comments by people that do not understand that the whole weekend counts and not just the race, and who think the ratings are nonsense but still feel the need to comment on it. As usual I was not disappointed.Pause GIFTenor14 . Mike HillThese seem pretty fair, verstappen gave hamilton a master class, perez was good and gasly and norris both had great races. To be fair I did expect more from hamilton and Mercedes but the seem to be doing a vettel and ferrari5 . Top FanMâ HîThe only place where Williams and Haas drivers are in top 10Hehe2 . Xaris PsarogiannisEven a guy irrelevant with motorsport can make a better power ranking than this nonsense.1 . Maciej AnLet me guess, Russell is top 59 . Mari Rivera BotelloThese rankings are a fraud, Perez is so low, they discriminate against him for being latino.6 . Rick AkGasly, Russell and Ricciardo higher than Checo? This ranking is a joke 10  God Bless Uk’s Heroes Soldiers Poster

About product: God Bless Uk’s Heroes Soldiers Poster

God Bless Uk's Heroes Soldiers Poster

Rulo F. ÁlvarezThis is a joke 1 . Logan BeeFlyWon’t click the link but I’ll guess Max has got double the points of the #2 driver even after going off in turn 1 by himself and depending on faster car, wing man and strategy to cruise to win …crashtappen consolation rankings1 . Raymonds G HowardAs long as is at the top the rest can sort themselves out. 1 . Bart BareldsAccurate 1 . Peter Silva-JankowskiIt’s a bit silly this week. Despite Verstappen’s win, Hamilton showed much more quality this weekend than his rival. His qualy and race were absolutely faultless.18 . Taufiq SSuch biased ranking that always favored George so to see him score that high is not surprising anymore while Stroll had a brilliant race staring 19th while Sebastian just finished one position ahead of stroll and guess what; stroll didn’t make the cut … See More . Steven MillerVerstappen gets 9.2 for sliding off at the first corner, Hamilton gets 8.7 for trying to dig Mercedes out of a massive hole. Message received loud and clear.8  God Bless Uk’s Heroes Soldiers Poster

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God Bless Uk's Heroes Soldiers Poster

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