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Sybele CapezzuttiShouldn’t that be something we are already paying our local governments and water companies to do? Unless I’m missing something the Federal government doesn’t run water lines169 . Donald GoughNot a federal problem. Don’t need you stepping in where you don’t belong. 183 . Gary GozdorGreat idea, what is the other pork in the plan?62 . Pat PetersNo matter what you will not be in office in 2024.!106 . Gina CappellanoBORDER IS INFRASTRUCTURE TO. FINISH THE WALL384 . Kellea Nunezdid Flint ever get theirs? or are they still being fed cancerous/filthy water?56 . Bassimah Al-AyoubiSo many hateful trolls on this site! What makes them all hate empathy,intelligence and changes that benefit All Americans ? Give the President a chance to be the president..386 . Mari PosaI have a question for Biden and his Administration… why on God’s Earth are you not addressing Border Crisis, it’s a serious issue, nor goin and see for themselves… they created this , not Trump…something is up for the Dems to ignore it and brush … See more201  Friends The routine mug

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Friends The routine mug

Douglas SmithAbsolutely. Water is about as basic a human need as there is. To provide clean water to every unit of housing in this country is perhaps even more important an infrastructure project than the traditional roads, rails, and bridges that people usually … See more128 . Karen Szabocsan-MatyjasikThe heck with pushing your spending bill .Fix the problem at the border!! Stop the abuse of those children !!@310 . Eric NelsonJust like the Obummer years . A lot of talk on things that should have been done long ago . Way to go Mr. Sniffen and pals !!! If only you addressed this like a impeachment trial things would have already been done with our tax dollars.153 . John MazeikaClean drinking water is a state and city issue. Not a federal issue.133 . Ron LoganAmerica Last per biden policy.108 . John DawsonInvest in a modern voting system for elections that is secure and resistant to fraud 63  Friends The routine mug

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