FJB Fuck Joe Biden hat

FJB Fuck Joe Biden hat


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Vitor MillanezziYuki’s engineer sucks sometimes. Not the first time he’s annoying like that. It runins all the concentration.3 . Top FanCarlos Sotelo PedreroHe is too young and clearly the temperament is his weakness. But it’s so funny to hear his radio voices 14 . Top FanAmar SookoolooNeed to calm down, it’s not the first time1 . Sarik Ram SukheviriyaRarely to see Japanese without humbleness.13 . Valerio FabbriziHow rude is this guy!!11 . Eddie ChanIf no cars in front of you then only can push ?? 1 . Shelley McKibbonDo all non-British drivers call their engineers “mate,” or is it just Max and Yuki and I notice it?  . Saúl RagaBring back Albon 14 . Lotte GuccioneThe talk on him, seriously! Humble up man.5 . Alex LegorretaHe’s super stressed! And how not to be when listening that litany from the engineer 1 . Cornel NistorLet’s ban the car in front and everyone will have a nice ride and enjoy the view.1  FJB Fuck Joe Biden hat

About Product: FJB Fuck Joe Biden hat

FJB Fuck Joe Biden hat

Jason LeongPerhaps next time when Yuki pass Alonso, just let him know that he is still driving a ‘GP2’ car1 . Ionut DorianYuki needs to grow a pair and be more cheeky on track1 . Warren MillerI like the kid, but the team sure has a LOT of patience with him!C’mon Yuki, you’d better grow up fast this year.2 . Justin MoonHe seems to talk back alot and snap at his team dosen’t look good on you man.32 . Asma GDYuki and his tongue is bigger than him hahaha31 . Charlie GazeThe talent is there, but he needs to cut out the mistakes and show more consistency. 67 . Mark HarmanIt’s the engineer’s job to extract everything from the driver. And Yuki’s attitude is pretty toxic and I don’t see him lasting long in a team sport like F1. It is a team sport, it isn’t just about the driver. He needs to pull his head in and focus. 1  FJB Fuck Joe Biden hat

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