Cthulhu 2024 no lives matter ugly sweater

Cthulhu 2024 no lives matter ugly sweater
Cthulhu 2024 no lives matter ugly sweater


I do not see why the taxes cannot be raised on the rich they got away in 2017 they got a tax cut so they have the money it’s time they pay their fair share of taxes stop putting it on the poor who are barely making it paycheck paycheck.. Several billionaires have publicly stated they should be paying more taxes. I just hope the Democrats can get a majority in 2022 so the law can be changed despite Republican objections.. The “rich” provide the jobs and jobs are where the future of the children is found….. The rich can pay their share but will they will Republicans trying to stop it ?. We should tax wealth, not income. The wealthy increase their wealth in ways that aren’t taxed, by design. They know they are avoiding paying their fair share.. We need to change the way businesses accrue corporation tax. Currently, large corporations like Nike, Facebook, Amazon, or Google pay little to no tax because they can leverage several schemes that allow them to report zero or very little profits. What they do is perfectly legal, but it creates very unfair competition conditions for small businesses that cannot leverage those schemes. Not to say about the loss of revenue for the government Cthulhu 2024 no lives matter ugly sweater

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It not so much about taxing the(which is and should always be the case)((church included)) as it is about capping the amounts they can write off. (Therefore controlling the sheltering). Crippling the economy to fatten the pockets of politicians is what the headline should read.. That shouldn’t be that hard to understand. It’s disappointing to know that they haven’t been, why have they not been in the tax bracket like everybody else. Please explain so the paying middle class and poor people can understand.. How can anyone not agree that everyone should pay a fair tax? When Trump slashed taxes for the rich in 2017, did prices go down? NO. Just think about that.. That’s how it should have been all along. The rich need to pay more, not the lower class. They need to pay more and actually pay up. No more tax evasion. I’m done.. So if they raise taxes on the wealthy will they lower taxes on middle class?? Probably not… so it really doesn’t help personal situation. Just gives the federal government more money to miss manage… Cthulhu 2024 no lives matter ugly sweater

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