Cross Lion Lamb reflection poster

Cross Lion Lamb reflection poster


Lando is definitely a champion in the future, no doubt about it. If Mclaren can keep hold of him, they’ll achieve great things. Mclaren have improved every season… John Mallia. Good to hear just how much input his race engineer had. Great result and brilliant to see . Just wondering who is driving the car, Lando or his engineer!. Andres Castro. Nikola Garić. Only racer to score points in every race this season . Should he have given p5 back to Daniel? Dan let him past with fresh tyres (fair call), but he didn’t actually progress and pass bottas. Dan only had older tyres as the team called him in for the undercut, which in hindsight prob wasn’t needed. He got past people anyway.. Mark Hayman. Props to all 3 of those drivers. Close racing but respectfully giving enough room.. Brilliant? Following directions is brilliant?. I would hardly call that unaided, not doubting Norris’ ability but would he have the knowledge of where and when without the engineers input? Cross Lion Lamb reflection poster

About product: Cross Lion Lamb reflection poster

Cross Lion Lamb reflection poster

Xilumana Makasana FerencFACT: MAX is Bullying Mercedes this Season & He is Quick, I Mean Very Very Fast and I Love It! . Bahi HammamiWas a great race . Arqui SeguraSo the overtake from Pérez on Bottas wasn’t worthy but the Vettel spin is? Ridiculous 13 . Gergő FedorMax Verstappen World Champion 2021 19 . Vince GeninWhat a move from Seb .. But mazespin is soo soo bad 4 . De RârNever seen bottas so pissed lol8 . Nicholas HarrisonWhere were Hamilton’s GOAT skills in France? Did they miss the flight? . Lokesh RsMax was so concerned about LH at the start looking into his mirrors that he almost lost the first corner and couldn’t control the car.3 . Paul GlassupChris Earl, Raikkonens opening lap! (its in the last 8 minutes or so) 2 . RiEruWhat would happen if they throttle in the case of tsunoda and vettel backward slide?Would it break the gearbox or something? . Luiz De BonaIs Yuki competing against Mazepin somehow?2  Cross Lion Lamb reflection poster

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Cross Lion Lamb reflection poster

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