British Bulldog Flag UK Proud

British Bulldog Flag UK Proud


Proud of our Nigeria brother British Bulldog Flag UK Proud playing for three lions. Best wishes lad. Alhaji Ismail Alabi has he ever lived in Nigeria?. Teboho Edwin Tsotetsi Like  · Reply · 5h. Ra Ma Dan. Alhaji Ismail Alabi We are so deprived of success so much that we claim these guys becoz they are black. here we go again with my fellow Africans. Alhaji Ismail Alabi he was born in London plays for England. HE IS ENGLISH FOR GODS SAKE. Salad Jay don’t waste my time. He is an English player. He has never ever been to africa. Adam Kirk I ain’t claiming him bro. But his origin is Nigerian and Yoruba to be specific . Alhaji Ismail Alabi no be nigeria player. Adam Kirk saka is an england boy. Holuwakayode Kaywhite Junior Jr. exactly my friend. Alhaji Ismail Alabi me too.. I sent him an email to congratulate him and he sent one back saying I have been left loads of money..

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British Bulldog Flag UK Proud

If his parents are Nigerian the he’s a Nigerian Englishmen. There is such thing as dual citizenship. I praise you from the bottom of my heart. I live Ethiopia Africa. Like Arsenal.. He’s a good lad, very underrated. Is there anyone one on the Squad not proud of where their roots are but still play proudly for the country they were born?. What an amazing performance from a Young player from Malawi lol. proud of our Indonesian brother played for england.. best wishes. Proud of our Kenyan bro from western , congrats. Hch Roters. These english players average but feeling like super stars already, trying to play individual plays, no team work. They better calm down and work on that. He is not an African, he is an English boy! He never been in Kenya or Nigeria even! He was born in England!. The Nigerian star scores,the whole African continent is proud of you boy. British Bulldog Flag UK Proud

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British Bulldog Flag UK Proud

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