Breast cancer awareness flamingo 3d hoodie

Breast cancer awareness flamingo 3d hoodie


Well Tampa Bay, good luck coming back from this gut punch of a loss….. Exceptional! Red Soxs have the best players and step up when needed.. Spoiler alert: Had the run scored the Rays would’ve lost anyway.. Yeah, the Rays got robbed. LOL. They struck out 20 times!. J Antonio Andrade. The better team lost.. Such an exciting game!!. Love it! Great game! Wild 13th inning!. Bailed out by the umps. Nobody that is unbiased thinks that what just happened was fair and the correct way for that play to be ruled. They have to look at changing that. It’s insane to punish the batting team for a misplay by a fielder.. Okay, for anyone complaining about the top of the 13th: that’s what a ground rule is, the ground rule is an automatic double. That’s the end of the conversation. For all the IF IF IFs, if the ball had hit Renfroe on the fly and gone over the fence, it would have been a home run, which is also a rough rule but that’s the way it is. Also: it’s a moot point because that would have made it 5-4 and the Sox scored two runs in the bottom of the 13th anyway. Breast cancer awareness flamingo 3d hoodie

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Breast cancer awareness flamingo 3d t-shirt

German ResendizThe Astros Win 7-42 . Jacob R BurckYeah because the Sox especially with their injured starters aren’t that great. Solid. Not great.  . Matt McGheeYes1 . Cesar GarcesNop, Sox win the series …Go SOX !!!! 🖒🖒 . Claudia Elizabeh CruzGo Astros Pause GIFTenor . Top FanJuan L JimenezSweep the Sox and hopefully the Astros get sweep in the next round 2 . Argenis ReyesAstros pitcher has been missing bad tonight Sox could capitalize 3 . Carol LittleStill watching TB trying get the win! . Clarence BargerFS1, on your MLB broadcast, why not add the base runners number to your onscreen graphics? . Danny Trichaktheres not an astro fan in this ballpark . Clayton RogersSo stupid that post season isn’t on free tv . Just stupid . David A UtnikOnly if they keep cheating.  . Brian WongYes, for all the haters’ sake. . Mike RegensbergWill they sweep or cheat . Norma NavarroHopefully they do  . Khiem Lenope go white sox  Breast cancer awareness flamingo 3d hoodie

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