Boxing Anatomy Horizontal Poster

Boxing Anatomy Horizontal Poster
Boxing Anatomy Horizontal Poster


Not my favorite song from Miss Doja. But I love how she puts her personality in her videos, with a video games and everything. I also like her flow but this song just didn’t do it for me. Looking forward to the next one, wishing her success in all her endeavors.. I love Doja Cat since she was a cow lol. Shes such a beautiful soul and artistry in her videos are amazing and unique. She’s definitely her own artist no copycat type shit. She’s herself. Much love to her and hope she stays successful. Love this song , shes different nothing like the other artists she very diverse, Talented asf , shes not the same and shes thee only one i kno can play alien or any other character and turn it sexy ….I love her and this video was dope asf ….she far… See more. This video is so artistic and beautiful!!!!! As a Scifi nerd I’m obsessed with this Boxing Anatomy Horizontal Poster

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Bridget BattleHe’s the ortho surgeon from Grey’s Anatomy!!!  . John ValverdeI can’t wait until your new album drops! You’re on my rotation for music! 3 . Apollo BaskervilleI’m not gonna lie. The first 30 seconds made me relive the story Deja Vu.Basically about a male and female who constantly get reincarnated because they are unable to be together. Cause one keeps dying before they can.… See more . Stacey Lynn KarabaThat wasn’t even a song. How is this a music video? . Robert HallI’ve literally watched all of her videos just now and quite honestly there’s no Talent there. Don’t take much to sing about sex or drugs. It’s really pathetic that all these people have been brainwashed to not see that all the songs that are coming out… See more . Minnie BoydIs that Nico?  . Azenos TanHow is this a song? 1 . Liz HaleWhat the h*** was that even throws to be a video confused  Boxing Anatomy Horizontal Poster

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