BMW bomber jacket and fleece hoodie

BMW bomber jacket and fleece hoodie


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Alfian NauFalEmile Smith Rowe.. We are relagated battle team before we found out that ESR was our number 10 ..12 . Top FanAyush MehtaI think it has to be ESR, since he’s come into the first team we’ve been pretty good. Even though he doesn’t have the numbers yet, he’s been instrumental in the way we play and move forward. Bukayo would come a close second for me!6 . Tanz IndastriNone of the above shame on you Please dont start posting this nonsense instead of concentrating on buying players you are posting failures, we cant even qualify for Europa what’s wrong with this club if I may ask????? A small club like Chelsea now has 2 Champions league yet we can not even qualify for Europa league!!!!7 . Top FanDrPaul McMoongaPlayer of the season award should be given to camera mens. They were the only ones who were consistant. #… See More29  BMW bomber jacket

About product: BMW bomber jacket and fleece hoodie

BMW fleece hoodie

Shame!on you arsenal,Chelsea we are busy celebrating European conquest and you flash this jerican in our eyes. It’s certain Arsenal won’t win the Champions League and Europa League next season . Useless team, when the blue side of London is show its supporters champions league, this is the nonsense you have for us.. Jolly Iyamu. Learn from Chelsea, they sack their legend Lampard (felt sorry for him), and appointed a mastermind who managed to make them best of Europe in half of a season. And you’re happy with the FA. . M Jackson Jacob. Chelsea celebrates UCL, while Arsenal celebrates a insignificant FA Cup title of 2015… That’s pathetic!. On one side rivals Chelsea won Champions league 2times in last 10years, on the other side, Arsenal celebrating FA cup win against Aston Villa.. You guys you like hearing what fans would say. Does it make sense if clubs like Chelsea lifting UCL twice before Arsenal and here you are showing us trophies that almost big clubs in England have in there stores. Sometimes I pity you. BMW bomber jacket

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BMW fleece hoodie

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