Black cat moon hanging metal sign

Black cat moon hanging metal sign


Truly The Best, THANK YOU REDBULL PIT CREW, you are all so fantastic in each of your Jobs, Great Job REDBULL . Darren. Ambar Baez. This is why it’s a team effort. Red bill is so consistent at getting their drivers essentially free tenths every race. That being said, Hamilton seems to be driving out his crews inconsistencies weekly. They had a great stop last week but Max still undercut him. If he has RedBulls crews that probably doesnt happen, thoughts??.   Black cat moon hanging metal sign · Follow. We all expect them to be under 2 seconds always. Such is the bar they have set. McLaren is making improvements in the pits that’s great . Others invest millions in their car to gain a couple of tenths, while redbull trains really hard on pit stops to gain tenths, very clever . Red bull is on fire ! . Red Bull and their pit crew

About product: Black cat moon hanging metal sign

Black cat moon hanging metal sign

They must aprove 1 point for the team with the fastest pit stop.. Still isn’t worth the £8 million he’s cost so far this season….. For Christs sake… the season has hardly begun and you’re talking as though Red Bull cannot be beat… In a few races time you’ll be asking why Mercedes are so dominant again…. Seriously you should know better! . Me watching 20 men struggle to change a tire in under 2 seconds from my couch calling them losers. Papp Bence. Hitendra Vasudeo. Hitendra Vasudeo. Hitendra Vasudeo. Salam Midhat. Ståle Vestli almost like my pitcrew in Formula D . Haas isn’t even trying anymore . One did a fastest lap and other did a fastest pit stop.. Not even these lines were written in 2.04 seconds… Red Bull, “La Crème De La Crème” . Vincent Detongre. I thought Darren’s stop was pretty quick at the time, but surprised to see Mercedes so far up the list. Black cat moon hanging metal sign

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Black cat moon hanging metal sign

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