Birth of a bird shirt


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I do not even know if you will see this but I think you are amazing. The best singer in so many years, with the songs to match. I am still in awe with the live performance’s.. I usually do not like live but, you are awesome I can feel the songs..luv ya… See more. All about water crisis is also bring down all the cities in the nort of Peru. Its a little sad to see how a lot of families lost their house and just cant help it. #HappyBirthday #Adele Birth of a bird shirt My Delly is 29 years old I wish you the best in the world, and you’re still serving many more years . This isn’t my post just seen on here copy. Pasted it ,,,,,Evening guys I was just wondering if I could have your help recently one of my friends has been diagnosed with a incurable brain tumour her wish is to meet Adele, We have managed to secure tick… See more

Birth of a bird shirt

Birth of a bird hoodie

You are an amazing person Adele keep up the great work, love from your Melbourne friends . Someone said WIFI is free but water isnt but surely with todays technogy we can overcome that.But unforyunately it doesnt benifit the rich inovators!. All my donations go to the Native American Indians that the US government committed genocide against. Try that IF you’re so inclined to donating something. Germany had its holocaust and tried amending it. America cant even admit THEIR OWN holocaust. It… See more. Hi Adele, I’m developing a personal project that wants to empower women to be entrepreneurs or leaders in any industry they want, just like you. Basically, I want to create a networking platform in which women can share their stories of success and fai… See more. Um I never went to your Auckland concert as i had to work,but also didnt know who you where,My wife and i live in Whangarei 2hrs north of Auckland.Thank you for coming to New Zealand..its beautiful in north land if you need a Holiday……and i enjoyed… See more Birth of a bird shirt

Birth of a bird shirt

Birth of a bird sweatshirtBirth of a bird v-neck

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