Biden Wipe your feet doormat

Biden Wipe your feet doormatBiden Wipe your feet doormat
Biden Wipe your feet doormat


Now when I say I love this young lady I love her! Yasss honey you truly had me Hypnotize, mesmerized thinking I was in the damn video!! Then here comes my nurse putting Morphine in my IV it really burned going in I broke my leg on the 4th had surgery… See more. The song is pretty good, the video is meh, and Im happy that she looks healthy but I’m Iowkey upset that she’s getting so skinny that she’s losing her butt . I love sex as much as the next person, but I’m getting weary of the same lame game… this song is weak! Didn’t do anything for me. Sound, words nor video. Jmo…. I’m getting “Unity” vibes of Rick and Morty from this music video. Doja is the definition of talent . I think her songs are written by a 14 year old boy. Those lyrics are a real work of art….smh. at least she’s not saying “if it’s up then it’s up then it’s up then it’s stuck” on repeat. Damn. What happened to actually putting some effort into lyrics? Biden Wipe your feet doormat

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