A Bunch Of Yorkshire Terriers Doormat

A Bunch Of Yorkshire Terriers Doormat


Need to be more streetwise…we are too honest and nice as a team…Brentford timewasted, dived, were cynical and took advantage of a weak referee…it is not what we want to see but we have to learn how to play the game as every other team does. Yep poor today but along with their time wasting and ridiculous diving and the most biased ref I have seen in ages, really wasn’t our day. Thought Brentford came with a game plan, they stuck to it well and frustrated us. Need to break teams like this down if we want to be the level we’re aiming. Next game we will be better COYI .   A Bunch Of Yorkshire Terriers Doormat · Follow. Come on West Ham what’s happened all of a sudden where you were winning you’re now losing almost every game liven up . Nick Hutt. First half we were terrible, we bossed the second half and brentford were lucky to get it at the end, should of took our chances and only having 1 striker is going to make it hard this season

About product: A Bunch Of Yorkshire Terriers Doormat

A Bunch Of Yorkshire Terriers Doormat

Darren MatthewsGreat start to the season is becoming average international break Everton away when it restarts again need to knuckle down and focus  . Kris MitchellAnd he recons he’s not worth 100m to us . John MorrisseyThe other thing is goalscoring. We know 95% of the time he will surge and pass, but then there is that moment when he uses his power and goes all the way unexpectedly. And scores. . Edward HardyBest defensive midfielder in prem. No question… . Grairi HoussemAnd this man, did you forget him? 4 goals and 2 assists 3 . Top FanPaul HumberstoneBrilliant player . Top FanReyan ZhangForget about stats … win yr games  . Sam SammyFrom Another galaxy  . Kaz Nicholson . Ann MillieAnyone know a link to watch the match please? IRONS! . Je Suis KazanovaRiCe . Bendjazia Belkacem1 . Hi ChamStriking power 1 . Mick WoodDont sell him . . Top FanJohn ReadThere’s a bit of Moore in him with his awareness!   A Bunch Of Yorkshire Terriers Doormat

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A Bunch Of Yorkshire Terriers Doormat

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