A Bunch Of Schnauzers Doormat

A Bunch Of Schnauzers Doormat


Sam CoxFootball goes like that sometimes. For the best part of two years we’ve been a top club inform. I’m proud of that. Meanwhile Brentford have done remarkable work especially being undefeated away from home. Onwards and upwards. Let’s go!  . Sue LeadbetterYou cant win them all! Just learn from it, you are a great team . Top FanStephen RogersFantastic second half against, let’s face it, a pretty good team.  . Calvin ChangWe have limited players who could change game as a subI think we do need another striker in Jan, which could help us to change the form of attack when we neededCOYI . Simon LawsonWe’ve got to many games and not enough of a diverse squad to cope. Could be the best season ever but we cannot afford to loose games we’re capable of winning..  . Juan GrajeraHis love for the club means he takes it very hard after any loss, even more so when it is close right till the end, and this happened. Chin up guys, this is just an aberration, you’ll be learning from this and moving forward  A Bunch Of Schnauzers Doormat

About product: A Bunch Of Schnauzers Doormat

A Bunch Of Schnauzers Doormat

Asbonge Nhlingoh GomaneDeclan Rice most dangerous CDM1 . Jörg ModroSupport from Germany 4 . Alcapone El DaynoTake my hand_ Westham united3 . David McLaughlinBrentford are quick and dangerous ? But we are West Ham 3 points please COYI5 . Franca PietraLondon Stadium is beautiful…..but Upton Park is always in my ….the first time 1993 4 . Mansouri LakhdarThe king5 . Mohamad Anugrah Putra RachmanRice+Soucek = DMF goalscorers 1 . Lester JarvisCOYI1 . Richard Kemp12 . Abdul Razak Bin IbrahimAntonio my Capitan  . Dave CockleyWill be there1 . Luis Picalet’s go team  . Lukaćo Mteti MtetiBig game for us.. Hope we win . Eve Pond COYI 3 points would be really wonderful please. Do your best lads!! Love you lads in claret and blue. XXX . Mark FosterIn over 50 years supporting west ham I have never said this before. I will be very disappointed if we don’t win at least one trophy this season. shows how far we have come. . Keeley Stammers3-0 COYI!   A Bunch Of Schnauzers Doormat

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A Bunch Of Schnauzers Doormat

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