A bunch Of Golden Retrievers Doormat

A bunch Of Golden Retrievers Doormat


Steven ChalmersHe’s one of the guys that needs a rest in the international set up. With it being Andorra Southgate has others he can bring in.2 . Top FanTabrez Ali JanjuaPlease don’t get injured. International duty has already cost us Ashton and a prime Lanzini for a year10 . Top FanAndrew BurnettHope he doesn’t play against Andorra. The lad needs a rest.26 . Michelle ReevesLove that he’s really important to England but being selfish, I’d.like him to have a rest11 . Samantha CoxWe came to see u play @ the weekend… my daughter was devastated she couldn’t find out where to see u leaving for the bus afterwards… her dream 16th birthday that would have been …2 . Ollie HoadHave a word with Lingard whilst you’re there Dec. The bloke’s wasting away at Man Utd.8 . Top FanMarc GouédardPay him more…has to use free bags bless him5 . Patrick Carrollhe should be in Dublin…. or can people just swap these days??2  A bunch Of Golden Retrievers Doormat

About product: A bunch Of Golden Retrievers Doormat

A bunch Of Golden Retrievers Doormat

Edward HardyTop player rice. One of the best central midfielders in prem, easy…4 . Top FanValerie WestCome back to us safe and well 7 . Mark Wakewe will be slipping down the table if we don’t rest some of these players or Moyes sought it out we need strengthen in January 2 . Jason HarrisGive this man the armband Gareth3 . Paul EastwoodThe number of games is ridiculous.1 . Top FanTricky HiggsDon’t get injured Dec1 . Marc DorrianHope no one picks up any injury’s 3 . Andrew Laneydont get injured2 . Ginny RichardsonStay safe1 . Paul WarwickThey all looked knackered during the Brentford game, just know our PL form is going to suffer with the Europa football as well 3 . ปวิชญาดา ชาร์ลี2 . Antony DownsWest Ham legend already4 . Dean BaxterCaptain in waiting 2 . Top FanAlan MarksKnacked for West Ham but fit to play for England get a grip  . Colin ParksThey gonna pick up injuries soon4 . Michael LodgePoor lad is going to be 100% burnt out soon 3  A bunch Of Golden Retrievers Doormat

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A bunch Of Golden Retrievers Doormat

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