A Bunch Of Cocker Spaniels Doormat

A Bunch Of Cocker Spaniels Doormat


Rares Mihai. We were all over the place in the first half and not very cohesive. I was surprised there were no subs even after we scored. Brentford were terrific and had our measure. It’s a long season, especially with Europe. Our bench strength isn’t that deep and i wonder how we will sustain ourselves over the long haul.. let’s get everything in perspective we do not have a billionaire owner with unlimited resources and 18 months ago we were heading to the championship now we are in Europe with a great manager and team with great spirit and resolve punching well above our weight so please enjoy this moment as everyone has to lose but even when this team loses it gives its all. Martin Lasch. Terrible result – no disrespect to Brentford. But we are on for a tough season on the back of the European matches. It will affect the league form massively. A Bunch Of Cocker Spaniels Doormat

About product: A Bunch Of Cocker Spaniels Doormat

A Bunch Of Cocker Spaniels Doormat

really need to up our game. we can’t keep chasing games. Fans need to stick with the team. Lot of criticism on here and a few murmurs from the crowd when we play backwards. Brentford playing well and we’re just not quite at it.. Benrahma missed 2 sitters. Get the ball on target, low and in the corners ffs. Wtf happened to soucek this season it’s like he ain’t even on the pitch and Bowen doing nothing yet again we are making Brentford look good . Andrew Burnett A Bunch Of Cocker Spaniels Doormat Europa League hangover. Time to get some fresh legs on . The ref is AWFUL and Antonio needs to learn how to pass the ball !. Not using the squad……. same players all the time…… Equals tired players. Here come all the negatives got to give credit to Brentford they’ve done there homework need to up it in the 2nd half maybe change tactics but we are still in this

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A Bunch Of Cocker Spaniels Doormat

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