The Joe-ker That’s ruining America shirt, hoodie and sweatshirt

The Joe-ker That's ruining America shirt


Patricia WilliamsThe GOP seems to have forgotten that this is a Democratic Republic and the welfare of ALL citizens should be the main concern of government of the people, for the people and by the people. The hatred for the elderly, poor and minorities will destroy th… See More265 . Michael PearsonI think Americans are realizing that no good legislation can be passed by you (Democrats) in the Congress. Prepare for a Trump return. At least fix USCIS immigration backlogs. It’s broken dude. 102 . Bob CohenA real win-win for our country let’s get this bill passed please in it’s entirety TY167 . Kassondra Mathis HoudekNo wonder your job approval numbers are so much higher than the last guy’s! It’s nice to have a President that knows how to do the job! 298 . Nada JonsonPlease be sure the next generations get good nutrition and a good dose of civics with critical thinking. More than past time for some teaching respectful discussion and debate.55  The Joe-ker That’s ruining America

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Karen KohrGovernment officials do well to remember the foundations of building one’s life and society. There are many individuals in our families, towns, and states all across our great nation struggling for the foundation of basic physiological needs.55 . Ahmad YusfRepublicans are against anything that doesn’t officially have their party’s seal of approval, whether it benefits America or not. They’re the ultimate “party before country” party.161 . Destini RenieNot worried about pre k, child care, or family medical leave. We need help with public schools receiving funds and good quality teachers, the health care system is all about money and the quality of care is poor, and why is insurance so expensive but… See More80 . Candace HallmarkGet rid of school vouchers—they’re an affront to social justice. We should only support PUBLIC schools with our tax dollars!157 . Anton SjöstedtIn Sweden, parents are entitled to 480 days of paid parental leave (Each parent has 90 days reserved exclusively for him or her in order for both mothers and fathers to stay at home) when a child is born or adopted. We also have tax-funded higher-educa… See MoreSWEDEN.SEFamily-friendly life the Swedish wayFamily-friendly life the Swedish way104  The Joe-ker That’s ruining America

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