South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL face mask

South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL face mask


Assure us EPL trophy next season then we will stop the criticism or abuse.. Nonsense mediocrity.. I will keep on abusing team dat fails it’s fans all the time… Sign good players or change d management.. And u guys are still with a manager like arteta and does useless players this is not ending soon on till u did the needful. South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL face mask Chelsea is the champion of Europe and Arsenal is champion of Abuse . Chelsea is Champions of Europe. Tottenham hiring Conte, a Title winning Manager.. Yusuf Muh Awwal. Which contribution is it for this for this week?. What about signing players? We are tired of your boring crap. #stopabusingthefans. We have focused more on jersey more than football itself. Let us start by a new coach……..the new signings. Arsenal management has been abusing fans n we never complained. We have a problem clubs are busy in the market strengthening here squad. Arsenal is busy telling us to stop online abuse please that energy take to the club n strengthen our squad. Do u think we are happy when we see our club loose Chelsea spent on quality players last summer see the outcome. Arsenal has a problem every season they know which areas have weaknesses but u never concerned with that.

About product: South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL face mask

South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL face mask

Hope 2021 will be so much better. Stop abusing the fans with historical achievements and start thinking about the future. On the turtles running the club South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL face mask To speed up the contracting process in order to join preparations for the next season with the team. Arsenal is simply a bloggers group not a football team anymore. You blog more than you work to please the fans. Forget about our stingy Kroenke and #StopMikelArtetaFromManagingArsenal Too he is still not the qualified coach for Arsenal. Yusuf Muh Awwal. Other good club are winning champion’s league this good for nothing club is talking bout online abuse.. Stop the abuse of arsenal fans, sell the club, kroenke out!. Online abuse until kroenke out . The funniest thing is that we are the only club posting the STOPONLINEABUSE… other teams are busy posting how they’ve succeeded throughout last season…you right here doing shitt. Agreed stop letting managers abuse the club

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