In November we wear purple shirt, hoodie and long sleeve tee


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Leigh StoneBig, expensive infrastructure programs have been huge drivers of American growth. Think about the the National Road that created a path across the Allegheny Mts; Louisiana Purchase; Erie Canal; transcontinental railways; land grant universities;, TVA a… See more27 . Noah Alden HardawayNice. But it’s time to get serious and raise corporate taxes more than a point or two, just like noted communist Dwight D. Eisenhower. 49 . Holly Ariss Shoatshe’d better hurry and raise taxes on the rich to pay for all of this.11 . Barry VogelI see these proposals as investments that will return major dividends. It’s “spending” when there is no prospect of getting the money back. These investments in the future of America and its workers are a good investment19 . Jane MilanJoe is getting it done! Way to go!28 . Christian BakerGOP: I don’t see anything in here about hand outs for the super rich. This bill is clearly slanted to help people who need help, and we’re not going to stand for helping people who need help without giving a massive tax cut to people who don’t.7  In November we wear purple

About product: In November we wear purple shirt, hoodie and long sleeve tee

In November we wear purple long sleeve tee

Susan Vig SaucierTax those that are super rich. They won’t miss it. 7 . Rocky Point Express, LLC.The top 1,409 Individual taxpayers pay more taxes than the bottom 70% combined. Now, I’d like someone to explain how that’s not “paying their fair share”. 6 . LA BurkeGoing to broken liberal run states and big business. 2 . John RichardsonOMG Don’t tax the rich and create a bunch of great paying union construction jobs! What is this administration thinking? 7 . Marcelo Daniel Eguino RamosSpending our money like a drunken sailor 15 . Adam ArmstrongO! M! G!They are taking our money and spending it on us!How will we ever cope!?!5 . Rui Andersen Rodrigues DiogoSo, corporate America is to save political America. Surprise surprise… . Jeff JacksonTax. Payer. Money. We all end up holding the bag1 . Robert JosephDon’t blame me, I didn’t vote for these two clowns. 1 . Wendy Davis SmarkelInfrastructure is a no brainer. It’s long overdue.6  In November we wear purple

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