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Dave Wood Buck Fiden and his mandates USA is still closed for non essential travel from the UK. How are football teams exempt?. Ross Pitman The only business travel we should be doing at the moment is when buying some quality players. Not going on a jolly boys outing to play some farmers league fodder in Miami.. Now it’s boring to watch Arsenal. We will be fighting for relegation if our owner fails to invest this summer. watch Chelsea and learn how the right investment can level up the team.. There’s so much negativity on this page I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not Spurs and Chelsea supporters masquerading as Arsenal. True Arsenal fans keep supporting the team through thick and thin. Arsenal have never had much success in Europe, even when Henri and Bergkamp were playing, one day they will and that might be sooner than you think. Football should think internationally, so it’s good to play in the USA.

About product: Buck Fiden and his mandates shirt, hoodie and sweatshirt

Buck Fiden and his mandates shirt

If it wasn’t for the injury I think he deserved it but the captain arm band I think he deserves it. We have great talents but with an experienced Couch we are going nowhere.. We now even behave like small clubs. We need a mature right back like Hakim and # kroenke out as usual this is too bad Chelsea played 3 ucl finals since arsenal lost to Barcelona in 2006 . Kibui Butt. I so much love u Kieran especially that leadership character and always play with energy for me you’re the best. Tony Cerff. Sani Edris. Would have been 1 if it weren’t for the injuries. Kieran Tierney doesn’t play left back. He’s not a defender either.. Omonigbehin JosephSuccess Zaphnathpaaneah. My God mason mount is better than the whole of arsenal football club i can swear.. 3re place? He deserved first place.. compared to the others!. Anthony Calder Buck Fiden and his mandates

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Buck Fiden and his mandates shirt

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