Santa Clause origin stories

Santa Clause origin stories
Santa Clause origin stories


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Your small companions are incorrect, Virginia. They’ve been influenced by a sceptical era’s scepticism. They won’t believe unless they see it for themselves. They believe that there is nothing that their small minds cannot comprehend. All minds, whether men’s or children’s, are small, Virginia. In comparison to the enormous cosmos around him, man is a mere bug, an ant, in his intellect, as measured by the intelligence capable of absorbing the entirety of truth and knowledge in this vast universe.

Santa Clause origin stories

Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus exists. He exists as surely as love, generosity, and dedication do, and you know that they abound and contribute to the finest beauty and joy in your life. Alas! What a bleak world it would be if Santa Claus didn’t exist! It would be as bleak as if the Virginias didn’t exist. There would be no naive faith, poetry, or romance to make this existence bearable. We should not be able to enjoy anything other than our senses and sight. The eternal light that illuminates the earth with childhood would be extinguished. Santa Claus isn’t real! It’s as if you don’t believe in fairies! You could have your dad pay guys to keep an eye on all the chimneys on Christmas Eve in the hopes of catching Santa Claus, but what would that prove if they didn’t spot him going down? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. The things that neither children nor men can see are the most real in the world. Have you ever seen fairies twirling about on the lawn? Of course not, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t present. Nobody can comprehend or imagine all of the world’s invisible and unseeable wonders.

You dismantle the baby’s rattle to see what’s within, but there’s a veil protecting the unseen world that not even the strongest man, or the combined strength of all the strongest men who have ever lived, could rip apart. Faith, fantasy, poetry, love, and romance are the only things that can lift the veil and allow us to see and imagine the supernal beauty and majesty beyond. Is everything true? There is nothing else real and lasting in this world, Virginia. There will be no Santa Claus! He lives, and he lives forever, thank God. He will continue to make the heart of childhood joyous a thousand years from now, Virginia, no, ten times ten thousand years from now. — The New York Sun, September 21st, by Francis P. Church As you’ll see in the narrative “Will Santa Claus Come for Christmas Dinner?” on the next page, the spirit of Santa can reside in anyone who chooses to believe in him.

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