On Christmas Eve the best movies to see

On Christmas Eve the best movies to see
On Christmas Eve the best movies to see


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Hugh Grant’s character, Will Freeman, in the film About a Boy, is a classic Grinch. He despises children, lives in luxurious luxury, seduces and discards vulnerable women, and scorns Christmas enthusiasm, which he’s harboured since his father wrote the joyously garish novelty song “Santa’s Super Sleigh.” All of that changes when he meets Marcus (X-Nicholas Men’s Hoult) and forms an odd bond with him. It’s never been more enjoyable to watch Grant’s heart grow a couple sizes, and a touching supporting performance from Toni Collette, along with a sneakily terrific Badly Drawn Boy soundtrack, make this essential droll holiday viewing.

On Christmas Eve the best movies to see

Set aside your fondness for the confectionery remake: It’s all about Laurel and Hardy’s black-and-white classic. The musical sings, dances, and slapticks through a magnificent fantasy world, made all the more surreal by the blend of live action and animation. With enough holiday DNA—the duo play fairytale dolts who build toys for Santa, and the overt connections end there—and toys to fill a forest of Christmas trees, the musical sings, dances, and slapticks through a magnificent fantasy world, made all the more surreal by the blend of live action and animation In this film, why does a Mickey Mouse have a seizure on the dance floor while a cat gawks and plays the fiddle? Just go with the flow.

A Christmas Story, directed by Bob Clark in 1984, was a comical, heartwarming, and sentimental snapshot of Americana with just enough rough edges to keep people watching every year on television. Clark also directed this great piece of ’70s slasher heaven about a murderer going rampant at a sorority holiday party, as true Christmas horror lovers know. Clark’s film is best known for its creepy feeling of dread, careful pace, and amazing clothes, and was a key influence on Halloween, Friday the 13th, and many of the derivative slashers that followed in the 1980s. Although no one is shot in the eye with a BB gun, there is enough of Christmas carnage to be found.

Tough-guy casting It may seem contradictory to see Robert Mitchum in a joyous Christmas film, but keep in mind that this is a lighthearted Christmas film about economic struggle, war widows, and extramarital affairs. Mitchum plays Steve, a vagabond who is head over heels in love with the soon-to-be-wed Connie (Janet Leigh). Holiday Affair, a tricky and melancholy film that underperformed in its day, has been reviewed by Christmas viewers who know life isn’t all eggnog and mistletoe smooches. As Steve demonstrates and Connie recognises, true compassion entails spending your last dollar on a Christmas gift for a child you’ve never met.

In Whit Stillman’s hilarious depiction of puerile Manhattanites coasting through young adulthood, it’s Christmas with the preppies. With malicious enjoyment, the writer and filmmaker chronicles the social-climbing, romantic foibles, and petty disputes of the wealthy (and the pretending-to-be-wealthy) as he did in 2016’s undervalued Love and Friendship. The film mocks its tone-deaf heroes while yet encouraging you to root for them, with lines like “It’s a wee bit arrogant of people to go around worrying about others less fortunate” and “I’m not tedious” delivered by ’90s indie star Chris Eigeman. It’s a yuppie’s Christmas dream come true.

This Bing Crosby-Fred Astaire musical was the first to use Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” before the composer repurposed it for the film of the same name—so bonus points for that. However, Holiday Inn is a rare film in which Christmas is depicted as the year’s climax. The musical performances at the “Holiday Inn,” where Crosby and Astaire’s characters put on Valentine’s, Easter, and Fourth of July shows, start and culminate with Christmas, providing a welcome relief from the shitstorms.

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