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Jigga Flames Mr president, The American people miss you in office, you were the greatest president America has ever seen 5K . Joanne HoAlways inspiring to make positive change through compassionate action; thank you.147 . Vicki TriplettI love Obama’s positive messages–he always shows us the better angels of our nature. Thank you, thank you, sir! 373 . Brenda PainterYou are such a great role model and an overall great person. I miss you so much and really enjoy your videos. Thank you for all that you do for the world. 436 . Laura SoderbergI still love your Beautiful family. My birthday is also August 4th also Several years decades before decades before you ..I. sent you a birthday card every year when your in the WH. I still. Love you and that we share our birthdays..God bless you!18 . Kate CouryWhat a wonderful idea. Barack always looking for ways to help others. I admire you.99  Poster jesus hand and dachshund

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Gabrielle PriceI love hearing your stories as a child and growing up. I always loved basketball and now my 13 year old son loves it too. You are an inspiration and the greatest president of my lifetime. Thank you! 105 . Vinod C. BhattCongrats Mr President for joining as a partner.My wife was born in East Africa and this really means alot to her. Thank you for the support.… See more66 . Donna FlickPersonally, I think you are and have been the greatest gift to the world in my generation. So happy to hear of this work you are doing in Africa – such an amazing nation with so much promise, denied for far too long. I LOVE good news stories like this: keep ’em comin’!91 . Gail Hamburger CourtnageYou are truly an incredible human being! 102 . Sari Glow LadaWhat a terrific way to get people together, with a shared dream and play a game that you love. So smart, so generous, so terrific. Best of luck.9  Poster jesus hand and dachshund

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